Odissi Dance

Odissi may claim to be the earliest classical dance style of India on the basis of archeological evidence; the most outstanding being the Rani Gumpha caves (Udaygiri, Orissa) of the 2nd Century,BC.
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Enakshi Sinha

Dance, Strength, Grace & Passion

Award winning Performer, Choreographer, Art Educator Enakshi Sinha is one of the leading and well known Odissi dancer. She is rewarded with a legacy of this beautiful art form (Odissi dance) that does not cease to amaze her with its potential for artistic exploration and personal transformation.
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Mrudanga Dance Academy

Founded by Enakshi Sinha, Mrudanga Dance Academy is a non-profit organization established in 2007. Its main objective is to nurture the authentic Indian tradition of Odissi dance in Canada
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New location for dance classes!

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