Mrudanga Dance Academy

Mrudanga is a registered non-profit organization, an institution for Dance & Music, provides professional training for Odissi dancers from the age group of five. Apart from Odissi dance the Institution also holding classes on Folk tradition of Western Orissa The organization is run by a dedicated group of volunteers and Board members. It was founded by Enakshi Sinha in 2007. For the past seven years, it has held events on an annual basis. It has also staged several major dance productions collaborating with different artistes from different genres. The enthusiasm, commitment and dedication of the students and volunteers attest to the need for such an organization.

Mrudanga is organizing its Annual two day dance festival Umang with invited professional artistes from overseas funded by Ontario Arts Council.

One critical contribution of Mrudanga has been to promote Indian art & culture merging with other cultures and present it for the audience in Windsor and Toronto. Because of economic compulsions, new immigrants often find themselves locating outside of Windsor and hence cut off from the vibrant cultural milieu of the city, particularly from the cultural activities of their own community. So the community people always have to travel to Toronto or Detroit to watch any good shows or to experience a good performance of artistes mainly from South Asian background. Mrudanga and its activities serve a very important function in this regard, as a result of which Windsor remains a thriving cultural meeting point for those interested in Indian art forms. Also Mrudanga has introduced an Award named ‘Raaga Award’. The purpose of this award is to bring Joy, Purpose and Change in the society. In 2012 it was conferred to Ms. Padmini Raju (Executive Director of 5Ws). In 2013 it was conferred to Mr. Marty Gervais, an award winning journalist, photographer, poet, playwright, historian, editor and teacher. All of Mrudanga's productions involve collaborations between professional artists and community members and draw on music, dance, spoken word and now increasingly multimedia techniques.

Being a student & dancer of MDA

It's exciting!   It's rewarding!
It's a commitment!   It's being part of a team!

Benefits of Being a Part of Mrudanga Dance Academy (MDA)

In addition to the dancer having the exposure to the amateur dance world, the student will also have the access to many other professional dancers and their choreography. The institution will present choreography work every year with students that will be presented in the annual show of MDA before an invited audience. There are many other benefits of being a part of MDA. Travel, excitement, adventure and fun! Not only students make lifelong friends but so do the parents or guardians. The students will gain the valuable experience of team commitment, dedication, discipline, the hard work and rewards that follow. To others who join the Mrudanga to receive some training in dance as a hobby the institution would like to impart training which would improve their self image and make them appreciate the majesty of art forms throughout their lives.