Dance Classes

Mrudanga is an institution for Dance & Music, provides professional training for Odissi dancers from the age group of five. Apart from Odissi dance the Institution also holding classes on Folk tradition of Western Orissa. The overall teaching includes theory and practical classes with body conditioning along with the exams taken every year.

The overall training is spread over 12 years divided into two sub-periods of six years each. The first period will give all rounded training in many of the basic aspects of Odissi dance learning the repertoire work but will avoid all the advanced and complicated dance works. At the end of this a student is presented in a junior debut (Mancha Pravesh) where the students will perform solo concert before the audience. The second period of training will be for another five years at the end of which they are presented in a senior debut (Mancha Pravesh) with the advanced and complicated works. This will be also a solo concert and after this the student will receive in the fold of the professional dancers.


Children Group: 7 - 12 Yrs
Intermediate Group: 13 - 25 Yrs
Adult: 25 - 45 Yrs

*In Mississauga classes are taken at Dance To The Rhythm Studio

392 Gibralter Drive, Mississauga, ON, L5T 2P6
Tuesday Evenings / Sunday Afternoon
Contact Enakshi Sinha @ 416-710-9681
New Admissions Going On

In Toronto classes are taken at Thistle Town Community Centre (Weekends)

925 Albion Road, Toronto (Intersection of Islington and Albion)
11am to 12 pm (for beginners)
12pm to 1 pm (for intermediate students)
1pm to 2pm (for advanced students)
Contact Enakshi Sinha @ 416-710-9681

A branch of Mrudanga Dance Academy also opened at Windsor.

Classes are held once every month on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Windsor.

  • Age for joining the classes is 5years and above.
  • Fees are collected 1 month at a time. All fees have to be paid at the beginning of the month.
  • Individual lessons are given to students who wish to opt for them.
  • MENTORSHIP / RESIDENTIAL programs are available. The fee structure is separate for these students depending on the course.
  • ONLINE TRAINING is also available, only for the adult students.
  • If a student is absent for 3 months, the student has to apply for readmission.
  • An Annual Day is held at the end of the season, in which all the students get the opportunity to perform.
  • Summer courses will provide intensive training about this art form and will also help to build the tradition of one-to-one relationship between Guru and disciples.
  • Students who are sincere, dedicated and are able to learn advanced items are given opportunities in the group Odissi performances. The Institution will support those who are eager to take dance as their profession and will deepen their understanding in Odissi dance.
  • All classes are conducted by Enakshi Sinha herself.